October 13, 2012

Book Confessions

Books are my favorite!! I've had a lifelong obsession with all things books for as long as I can remember - and I'm not just talking about falling in love with the story, or relating to the characters or the actual, physical act of reading ... I'm talking the paper, the ink, the binding - I love it.

I was creepin' over at Amy's blog, Coffee & Sunshine, and read her post, Book Confessions. Yup, that's right up my ally. So, to play off her post (which was playing off this post), here's my own!

- in kindergarten i would read to the dog, usually sitting in the hallway

- in elementary school i created a library in the basement ... yes, a library ... and would force my brother and all the neighborhood kids to come check out books and sit through readings of moby dick

- in middle school i volunteered at the library ... shelving books

- in high school, i created a class where i'd sit in the library for an hour and read "the classics" ... i passed with flying colors

- i smell books ... a lot ... glue binding / old mildew / dust / ink ... mmmm ...

- i read the 7th harry potter book in one sitting

- i mayyyyyyy currently have 13 books checked out at the library, 4 on hold, and 23 on request ... 

- i've kept a journal noting every book i've read since 5th grade

- i was the person my classmates would ask to cheat for them on the accelerated reading tests ... and i'd totally do it

- i got so engrossed in the laura ingalls wilder series i couldn't read anything else for months after i finished ... same with anne of green gables

- the librarians never asked for my library card when i would check out books ... we were on a first-name-basis

- as much as i love books, it pains me to pay full-price at the bookstore ... $1 thrift store finds instead

- in my first job out of college, i found myself editor of a statewide cookbook ... and i totally got it published

- my favorite place in the world is our cabin in canada ... only there is it socially acceptable for me to read for 8 straight hours

- i may be a tad obsessed with smutty romance novels ... and once got 9 full (and free) boxes of them from some lady on craigslist

and yes ... i still have my american girl doll

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