October 01, 2012

10 Things in September

I love new beginnings and I love, love, love lists ... so, in honor of October 1st ... here's 10 Excellent Things From September.

  1. Lou and I Hit Six Years: Holy Poopers ... six years. We're not joking around any more! We had a great month (yes, we've had bad months ... ) and I think (no, I know) we're at a good place to kick off year seven!
    Claire, Lou, Steak
  2. My **cough, cough** First Pheasant Hunt: Okay, technically my first pheasant hunt was back in 2006 but that was a disaster and it doesn't count. We'll save that story for another day. This month took me to the Becoming an Outdoors Woman Beginner Pheasant Hunt ... and it was awesome. Nintendo Duck Hunt in real life! Great women, guns ... beautiful afternoon outside - amazing!
    I killed some stuff ... and looked like a big 'ole goober doing it ... !
  3. Shooting Dates with Lou: September saw Lou and I at the range every week! Lou argues that my new love of trap shooting is an expensive hobby ... I argue that he's getting me out to the range - so why complain?! We had excellent weather, some much-needed conversations during the drives, and great shooting.
  4. The Minnesota State Fair with Jolene: A great day to kick-off September! Jo's first visit to the cities and my return to the state fair ... after taking last year off. I got my gyro (I refuse to leave the fair without one) and we shared a Red Velvet Funnel Cake, Apple Cider Float, and Deep-Fried Pickles. After all, the fair is all about the food. Free Laser/Music Show on the way out ... yes please.
  5. Crying with Lyndsey: Okay, promise this isn't as depressing as it sounds. I've been seeing Lyndsey for almost two months now and finally poured out some of those topics that have been gnawing at me ... it wasn't pretty but it sure felt good.
  6. Lou's Friends: Whitney and Matt Day are back. For some reason, we've seen a ton of Whit and Matt ... from Sunday afternoon football games to Wednesday gaming nights to weddings and birthday parties. I forget how much I like those boys ... and how nice it is it have Lou outta my hair for a while ;)
  7. Dinner Calendar: Lou and I are finally getting in a dinner groove. We're trying to plan meals ahead of time and Lou is starting to **gasp** cook! The system hasn't been perfect, but it's been nice ... so that's enough for me.
  8. Fall: I love fall! I love sweatshirts and sweatpants and my dear, dear scarves. I love cuddling on the couch and the thought of soup for dinner. I love fall!
  9. Arts Commission Kicking Butt: Well ... sort of ... We're getting there! We've gained more friends on Facebook, we're hosting more events, we're planning for the future. I'm excited to see where 2013 takes us and the burst of energy we got this month has been a nice refresher.
    The Arts Comm Gang at Penn Fest 2012!
  10. Family: I've had some great chats with my folks ... Roy's back in school and seems to be enjoying it. Adie and I are emailing during work ... I know, sneaky. Amanda's working back with me and we've had some excellent talks over lunch and walks around the park. We're making future plans with the brother-in-law and I feel like we're all at a good place. Only up from here ... right ... right?!

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