July 18, 2012

When the Zombie Apocalypse Hits ... We're Good.

As if we need another reason to showcase yet another reason why our house will be the first stop for folks when the zombie apocalypse hits ... here's two!

Outbreak Omega
June 23, 2012
As their website says - it is the original and largest 3-Gun Zombie Shoot in the world! Offfff course Lucas would be there.

thanks to dpmsinc for the video!

Run For Your Lives 5k
June 2, 2012
Running and mud? Nope, no thank you. Why Hannah and I were convinced to try this 5k ... I'll never know.  BUT - totally worth it. I've run me a 5k before, but when you're getting chased by very creepy looking people ... it's a whole different experience. Plus, the zombie makeover afterwords ... the absolutely beautiful day ... and an afternoon with Han - yeah, I'll do it again.

thanks to twidelde for the video!

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